Will Julian Assange Be Arrested for Wikileaks Leak?

 Wikileaks sprung a leak, supposedly thanks to a Guardian writer's hastily published memoir, and now Julian Assange could face charges in Australia for the un-redacted names that were unleashed. The, uh, Guardian:

Australia's attorney general, Robert McClelland, confirmed in a statement on Friday that the new cable release identified at least one individual within the country's intelligence service. He added it is a criminal offence in the country to publish any information which could lead to the identification of an intelligence officer.

"I am aware of at least one cable in which an ASIO officer is purported to have been identified," he said. "ASIO and other Government agencies officers are working through the material to see the extent of the impact on Australian interests.

"On occasions before this week, WikiLeaks redacted identifying features where the safety of individuals or national security could be put at risk. It appears this hasn't occurred with documents that have been distributed across the internet this week and this is extremely concerning."

Assange still faces charges in Sweden, for rape allegations, and possible charges in the United States, where a grand jury is still debating whether or not to prosecute.

Meanwhile, five newspapers—all of whom were beneficiaries of cablegate information last year—have released a statement condemning the leak. The Guardian, the New York Times, Der Spiegel, El Pais and Le Monde: "We deplore the decision of WikiLeaks to publish the unredacted state department cables, which may put sources at risk. Our previous dealings with WikiLeaks were on the clear basis that we would only publish cables which had been subjected to a thorough joint editing and clearance process. We will continue to defend our previous collaborative publishing endeavour. We cannot defend the needless publication of the complete data – indeed, we are united in condemning it.

"The decision to publish by Julian Assange was his, and his alone."

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AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at September 3, 2011, 7:07am

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