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"Age of Greed" Author: The GOP's War on the Poor Could Very Well Backfire


On last night's Countdown, Keith Olbermann had on Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow and Age of Greed author Jeff Madrick to talk about the GOP's ongoing war on poor Americans. As Madrick notes, Republicans are pushing to raise taxes on low- and middle- income citizens who can't afford even their current taxes; although 46% of Americans are too poor to pay income taxes, they are still paying regressive Social Security taxes. As we know, Republicans have misrepresented that figure, telling voters that close to half of Americans don't pay taxes -- something Madrick calls "deliberate" and "an outright lie."

The only potential good news here, as Madrick sees it, is that the GOP's strategy may backfire when poor Republican voters realize they're being screwed. Watch Olbermann and Madrick discuss that in more length right here (h/t New Deal 2.0):

AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at August 25, 2011, 4:46am

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