Disguised Member of Hacktivist Group "Anonymous" Defends Retaliatory Action Against BART

On Monday, officials with the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) were forced to close four train stations during the evening rush hour as free speech advocates attempted to disrupt the evening commute. The protest was called by the activist hacker group, Anonymous, in retaliation for BART’s decision to shut down cell phone and mobile-Internet service at four stations last week in an effort to disrupt a protest over the shooting of a homeless man. As part of its self-described "OpBart" campaign, Anonymous hacked into the BART website, myBart.org, and leaked the names, phone numbers and passwords of train passengers. We’re joined by a disguised Anonymous member who took part in "OpBart," speaking under the pseudonym “X.” "We gave them a taste of their own medicine," X says. … “We’re information activists just trying to make our world freer and a little better,” says X. On the question about the FBI investigation over the hack, X says, “I don’t want to get caught … I am literally running from coffee house to coffee house, from city to city, from state to state to try to avoid this massive, multi-million dollar manhunt they have put out for Anonymous. … What have we done, Amy? Point to one thing where we’ve hurt a human being … BART kills it’s innocent people. … How dare they do this in the United States of America?” 

Democracy Now! / By Amy Goodman

Posted at August 16, 2011, 6:22am

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