21 Activists Arrested for Disrupting Debt Talks: "Boehner, Get Off It; It's Time to Tax Corporate Profits"

On Monday, 21 members of the groups Voices of Community Activists & Leaders (VOCAL-NY) and Community Voices Heard were arrested in the House gallery and charged with "disruption of Congress" and disorderly conduct for protesting the awful debt deal being debated by Congress. From VOCAL-NY's press release:

The action was the first in a series nationwide being organized by affiliates of National People's Action, a network of community and congregation based organizations.

Watch video of the action and check out our media roundup below, which reported on our demands for focusing on raising revenue, including taxing Wall Street profits and closing corporate loopholes, instead of spending cuts.

As Bobby Tolbert, a VOCAL-NY Board member living with HIV/AIDS who relies on Medicare and HOPWA, stated: "John Boehner should stop worrying about keeping his job as Speaker of the House and start worrying about creating jobs for the millions of Americans who are unemployed. Instead of making Wall Street and the super-rich pay to address the revenue crisis, Boehner’s extremism forced a debt ceiling deal that will ask seniors, the disabled and working families to do all the sacrificing. It’s clear that allowing our country to be held hostage to the demands of the Tea Party is a recipe for disaster.”

Bobby was among those arrested following the action, nearly half of who are HIV-positive.

 According to the Washington Post, the activists chanted slogans including "Boehner, get off it; it’s time to tax corporate profits."

The Postarticle also brings us this astute piece of analysis:

The protest was the latest sign that some liberal Democrats are unhappy with the debt compromise.

You don't say!

AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at August 3, 2011, 1:45am

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