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Today in Palin: Her Movie Plays to Empty Theaters, Tonight Show Audience Cheers Her Defeat in Front of Bristol


Well, it's Friday. And what better way to ease into your weekend than with a quick but potent dose of Palin-clan related Schadenfreude?Read on if this sounds like it hits the spot.

First up, reports of the weak-sauce Palin hagiography film doing poorly with both critics, even those who swore to be open-minded, and in theaters. Read in Movieline, with a headline that sums it all up: "Empty Theaters, 0% Positive Reviews Greet Sarah Palin Documentary." One of theempty theaters? In "Republican stronghold" Orange Country, California, where a lone moviegoer was asked by an usher why he wasn't watching Harry Potter.

Last night, Palin's daughter Bristol was on "The Tonight Show" and after chatting about her plastic surgery with Jay, experienced a bit of a pained moment during speculation about her mom's potential presidential run. When comedian Don Rickles suggested Palin "might lose," the audience burst into spontaneous cheers, leaving poor Bristol in an awkward televised encounter to end them all.

Watch below. For the funny Rickles line, tune in about a minute from the end of this short clip from NBC.


AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at July 15, 2011, 6:41am

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