College Football Player Acquitted Of Charges After He Was Kicked Off Of US Airways Flight For Wearing Sagging Pants

Deshon Marmon, a twenty year old student and football player at the University of New Mexico, was acquitted of all charges including suspicion of trespassing, battery and resisting arrest after he ignored a flight attendant's request to pull up his pants.  Marmon a San Francisco native, was flying to Albuquerque to attend a friend's funeral , when a verbal altercation between him and a flight attendant resulted in his arrest.  Although prosecutors decided that no charges would be filed against him, the airline was not held accountable for their exaggerated response to the situation.  Outrage from the incident was furthered after it was learned that US Airways allowed a white man to board the plane in nothing but women's underwear just six days before.  

The family's attorney is considering further action against the airline especially since they refused to apologize and staunchly stand by the actions and "professionalism" of the crew.  And here we almost three years after anti-sagging laws in Florida were ruled unconstitutional, and a year after New York Senator Eric Adam's "Stop The Sag" campaign, a young man's future is almost compromised because of an ill-advised fashion trend.  I'm sure taking a young black man back to the source of the sagging pants trend--prison--is no way to end it.  Or did the airline have different motivations? 

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AlterNet / By Rae Gomes

Posted at July 14, 2011, 8:02am

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