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GOP Prez Contender Herman Cain: Muslims Should Take Loyalty Oath


This post originally appeared atRight Wing Watch, a blog published by People For the American Way.

So long as Herman Cain continues to lie about his pledge to ban Muslims from serving in his administration, we are going to continue writing posts about how Herman Cain continues to lie about his pledge to ban Muslims from serving in his administration.

Cain has recently started claiming that he merely said he's be "uncomfortable" with having a Muslim serve in his administration, not that they would be banned outright and that has apparently become his latest stock response, as we used it on CBS and again to Glenn Beck, telling Beck that he would hire Muslims, provided they could pass some sort of loyalty oath:

BECK: You said you would not appoint a Muslim to anybody in your administration.

CAIN: The exact language was when I was asked, “would you be comfortable with a Muslim in your cabinet?” And I said, “no, I would not be comfortable.” I didn’t say I wouldn’t appoint one because if they can prove to me that they’re putting the Constitution of the United States first then they would be a candidate just like everybody else. My entire career, I’ve hired good people, great people, regardless of their religious orientation.

BECK: So wait a minute. Are you saying that Muslims have to prove their, that there has to be some loyalty proof?

CAIN: Yes, to the Constitution of the United States of America.

BECK: Would you do that to a Catholic or would you do that to a Mormon?

CAIN: Nope, I wouldn’t. Because there is a greater dangerous part of the Muslim faith than there is in these other religions. I know that there are some Muslims who talk about, “but we are a peaceful religion.” And I’m sure that there are some peace-loving Muslims.

But Cain keeps intentionally ignoring the statement he made to Bryan Fischer where he explicitly stated that he wouldn't hire Muslims because most Muslims believe in sharia and he, as President, doesn't have the time to "screen people based on their religious beliefs":

I have been upfront, which ruffles some feathers, but remember Bryan, being politically correct is not one of my strong points; I come at it straight from the heart and straight from the way I see it. And the comment that I made the become controversial, and that my staff keeps hoping will die, is that I wouldn't have Muslims in my administration. And it's real simple: the Constitution does not have room for sharia law. I want people who are going to believe and enforce the Constitution of the United States of America. And so I don't have time, as President of the United States, to try and screen people based upon their religious beliefs - I really don't care what your religious beliefs are, but I do know that most of the people of the Muslim faith, they believe in sharia law. And to introduce that element as part of an administration when we have all of these other issues, I think I have a right to say that I won't.

Cain clearly told Fischer that he doesn't have time to sort through a Muslim's religious beliefs and figure out if they support the Constitution, so he was just going to have a blanket ban on hiring them.

But he is now telling Beck that he would be willing to hire Muslims, provided that "they can prove to me that they’re putting the Constitution of the United States first" ... which is exactly the sort of screening based on religious beliefs that Cain told Fischer he didn't have time to undertake!

There is a reason that PoliFact declared that Cain's pants are on fire in claiming that he never said he wouldn't hire Muslims to serve in his administration.  And yet he continues to lie about it.

AlterNet Editor's Note: To learn about Herman Cain's links to the Americans For Prosperity Foundation, a group chaired by David Koch, see AlterNet's latest report: GOP Hopeful Herman Cain: David Koch's Stalking Horse?

Right Wing Watch / By Kyle

Posted at June 9, 2011, 11:14am

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