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Time's Running Out to Stop the Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline -- Take Action Now


The disastrous mining of tar sands in Alberta has wreaked havoc on the environment and communities in northern Canada, not to mention its massive emissions of CO2. Of course the hopelessly oil-addicted US wants in on the action, too.

A proposed pipeline, Keystone XL, will pump the dirty oil through six US states, risking the drinking water of over 2 million people. The Sierra Club reported that, "They estimated that it would ONLY leak once every seven to eleven years. But they neglected to include the pipeline's pumping stations, which have already sustained 11 reported spills in the last year!"

This isn't a potential threat -- it's already impacting communities and we're running out of time to stop it. The public comment period for the pipeline ends on June 6. The decision to green light this project is in the hands of Secretary Clinton. As Robert Greenwald explained in the Guardian recently:

The proposed Keystone XL pipeline deals with what is called "dirty oil" tar sands. Tar sands production carbon dioxide emissions are three times higher that those of conventional oil. The amount of oil Keystone XL would carry is equal to the pollution level of adding six million new cars to our roads. Tar sands mining operations involve a vast drilling infrastructure, open pit mines, and toxic wasteland ponds up to three miles wide. The extraction process involves strip-mining and drilling that injects steam into the ground to melt the tar-like crude oil from the sand and requires a massive amount of energy and water.

In addition to pollution and harm to the environment, Keystone XL directly puts at risk the land of families across a full stretch of our country. The pipeline would cross through six states and several major rivers, in addition to the Ogallala aquifer, which supplies clean water to two million Americans.

You can take action on this right now by signing the petition below or visiting the link here.|Start an Online Petition »

AlterNet / By Tara Lohan

Posted at June 3, 2011, 12:32pm

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