"Fiscally Austere" Chris Christie Uses State Helicopter to Attend Son's Baseball Game


So GOP Action Hero Chris Christie didn't just take a publicly-funded state helicopter to his son's baseball game, he didn't just interrupt the game in the fifth inning so that he could take off from a nearby ballfield, but instead of walking the extra 300 feet, he also drove a car from the helicopter to his seat in the stands:

According to the broadcast posted above, a Christie spokesman said there was "nothing inappropriate" about Christie's use of the state helicopter to attend his son's baseball game, but can you imagine the tongue lashing Chris Christie would have delivered to any school teacher who had done anything remotely similar?

I guess one thing is clear: when Chris Christie talks about fiscal austerity, he's only talking about fiscal austerity for the little people. He's certainly not talking about himself.

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Posted at June 1, 2011, 5:55am