CEO's Elephant-Killing Video Sparks Outrage

In case you weren't incensed enough over's sexist ad campaigns that inevitably scrape the bottom of the barrel every Super Bowl, there's another reason to be horrified. Apparently the company's CEO, Bob Parsons, takes great delight in killing elephants. He says, in fact, "It's one of the most beneficial and rewarding things I do."

A petition on calls Parson out for a gruesome video he posted about his elephant-killing exploits:

Hunting Problem Elephant - My 2011 Vacation is basically a gruesome, 4-minute elephant snuff film. Parsons guns down a bull elephant and then poses beside the carcass. The next morning, dozens of villagers - all wearing Go Daddy hats - are shown butchering the fallen beast.

Why the unnecessary slaughter? Apparently he thinks he's doing a great service to communities who are worried about having crops trampled by elephants. But really, there are better ways to help out:

Conservationists and farmers have been working together to create harmless elephant-shooing devices, such as chili-infused string fences, beehives on poles, and people standing guard to bang bamboo sticks, ring cowbells and shine spotlights on the elephants when they approach the crops at night.

If Parsons truly wants to be a hero, he should donate the thousands of dollars he spent to kill that elephant on his vacation to organizations that are working on humane ways to resolve the problem all year round.

If you've got domains hosted by and want to switch, GOOD offers an easy step-by-step guide to how you can do that.

And one smart competitor is already looking to pick up on GoDaddy drop-outs with a special offer:

We want to offer all the disgruntled GoDaddy customers out there a special offer this week. In the video, one of the reasons for killing the elephant listed is that supposedly it provided necessary food for African villagers. However, it's not necessary to kill elephants to feed those in need. Instead, we want to donate to Heifer International and their programs to feed hungry families in Africa when you transfer to

And these folks may have some busy heading there way. Apparently the Humane Society (and there 650 domains) are among the folks who are going to drop GoDaddy hosting services. The Human Society's CEO posted this:

I've instructed our staff to find another host for them. We don't like doing business with a company with a leader like Parsons. I hope you'll think about following suit. No one needs to kill elephants either to show his manhood or to do humanitarian work.


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AlterNet / By Tara Lohan

Posted at April 4, 2011, 1:15pm