Paranoid Right Wingers Think Obama Wants to Give America Back to Native Americans

This month, President Obama signed the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, which recognizes and respects indigenous peoples and their history. While the UN adopted it in 2007, the Bush Administration refused to sign it, and it wasn't instated for Native Americans until now. A recent State Department brief noted, "While the declaration is not legally binding, it carries considerable moral and political force, and complements the President's ongoing efforts to address historical inequities faced by indigenous communities in the United States."

Though the declaration is largely symbolic, typically, right wingers are having collective breakdowns, ignorantly assuming the declaration means Obama is going to give all of the land back to its original landholders. In particular, they're pointing to his honorary membership of the Crow tribe, bestowed upon him two years ago during the 2008 campaign. Talking Points Memo:

Last week, the "Director of Issues Analysis" for the Christian conservative American Family Association, Brian Fischer, wrote a blog post claiming that "President Obama wants to give the entire land mass of the United States of America back to the Indians. He wants Indian tribes to be our new overlords."

"Perhaps he figures that, as an adopted Crow Indian, he will be the new chief over this revived Indian empire," Fischer wrote. "But for the other 312 million of us, I think we'll settle for our constitutional 'We the people' form of government, thank you very much."

Right-wing blog World Net Daily then stoked the fire with more crazy lies, inferring that Obama would give Manhattan, specifically, back to Native Americans, in an effort to “cash in.” (On what, it did not specify.) Then, Fox News allowed former ambassador John Bolton to criticize and infantilize Obama, saying, "It's wrong and potentially dangerous to sign onto a document that you don't fully understand the implications of." Read more insanity at TPM.

AlterNet / By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Posted at December 29, 2010, 4:21am