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Groups Plan to Shield Edwards' Funeral from Vile Westboro Protest


Progressives were very concerned that the vile, attention-seeking bigots of Westboro Baptist Church would mar the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards today.

Fortunately, Salon reportsthat several groups are making plans over the internet to form a human buffer to shield Edwards's family from the hate-spewing extremists.  Michelle Fitzsimmons writes: 

One Raleigh resident, Ben Requena, started a Facebook event asking people to gather outside the church where the service will be held to create a "human buffer," shielding the mourners from the WBC's hateful messages.

Another group, Line of Love, plans to have its members form a silent lineup around the block of the church to keep the protesters out of view of attendees. Line of Love has led a national effort against the church.

There's been speculation that the President and First Lady may attend Edwards' funeral today. Her husband John will not beone of the speakers. Her daughter Cate, who told her mother about plans to marry her longtime partner before Elizabeth's passing, will speak.

 Read more details at the AP.

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at December 11, 2010, 4:26am

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