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"Party of No" Stubbornly Hobbling Congress in Last Few Weeks


 They've truly earned their title as the "Party of No"--and now they're closing rank and refusing to get anything done until they take power in the New Year.

The Times reports:

One week into a lame-duck session, Democrats have been unable to gain traction on their top priorities, leaving them casting about for ways to avoid a year-end pileup of expired tax breaks, exhausted jobless benefits and federal agencies running out of money.

Republicans, who will take over the House in January and cut deeply into the Democratic majority in the Senate, appear content to do the minimum possible and push the big fights into the next year, when they will have more power and leverage. The Republicans say Democrats have only themselves to blame because they put off too many matters until after the election.

Chuck Schumer has lambasted the Republicans for their "scorched-earth" policy which includes not moving on issues as important as nuclear non-proliferation. Meanwhile Republican leaders like Eric Cantor refuse to budge. "

"I don’t think it will sit well with the people," Senator Durbin told the Times, admitting his frustration that the Senate counts fall short of 60. Read the full story at the Times.

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at November 20, 2010, 6:29am

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