Boehner: DC's Most Lobbyist-Friendly Politician

He's known for his deep tan and his fulsome tears. But incoming House Speaker John Boehner has a bigger, more substantive "Chink in his armor" according to an article in the Mail & Guardian online.

That would be "Boehnerland":

" a term used to describe the enormous network of powerful influence peddlers close to him who have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaigns and have taken him on dozens of corporate-funded private trips around the country."

 In Boehnerland, everyone is represented, from Bruce Gates who represents Philip Morris's parent company, to Henry Gandy who works for Goldman Sachs and the healthcare industry, to Mark Lampkin, who counts Bank of America among his buddies. Many of these fellows "enjoy the fruits of the "revolving door" between working for politicians and then working for lobbying firms."

Boehner's critics point to an infamous moment when the then-younger Congressmen actually handed out checks from the tobacco industry to politicians on the floor of the House as an example of his governing style.

Meanwhile, expect his relationships to be under scrutiny not just by the politicians who oppose him, but by an awakened anti-lobbying, anti-influence movement in DC.

Read more at the  Mail & Guardian.

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at November 15, 2010, 2:13am

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