Rep. John Conyers Calls for Investigation of Bush Era War Crimes

In his book "Decision Points,"  George Bush blithely admits to authorizing the use of waterboarding against three terror suspects. And as part of his book/legacy-rehabilitation tour, the former President defended his decision by essentially describing how his administration put some lawyers up to inventing laws justifying the torture technique.

Given that torture is illegal under actual international and U.S. law, the former President's casual admission has sparked calls for an investigation. In a letter to Eric Holder Wednesday, the ACLU pointed out that waterboarding has been deemed torture by the Justice Department, and is therefore "a crime under the federal anti-torture statute." The ACLU also called on Assistant U.S. Attorney John Durham, currently heading an investigation of CIA officials and contractors, to probe the White House's role in authorizing waterboarding.

Today, Rep. John Conyers joined the ACLU in demanding an investigation of Bush era crimes. "It is absolutely vital that a thorough review of President Bush’s now admitted ordering of waterboarding take place ... We are a nation of laws, not men, and the domestic and international laws – including the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment – governing the use of torture are clear in their scope and application. There is no exception for the President or any other official and no lawyer’s opinion can provide immunity from these laws."

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AlterNet / By Tana Ganeva

Posted at November 12, 2010, 6:42am

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