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Why the Obscenely Wealthy Whine When They Have It So Good

Romney's 47% comments are exactly what wealthy conservatives think: that they are the true victims.

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Mitt thinks white people are lazy moochers?  Well then what’s the point of being a Romney Democrat? Isn’t the whole idea that our shared resentment over working hard and paying taxes to take care of them is our bond with you,  Mr. Romney. 


Being caught on tape implying that white people are lazy moochers too puts the whole Lee Atwater,  Ronald Reagan, welfare queen, food stamp president,  dog-whistle Republican Party franchise in jeopardy.


Do we owe Mitt our thanks and gratitude?  I think so.  He has given us a gift that will keep on giving long after the election is over.  Thanks to this video more of us might stop apologizing for ourselves and start questioning the system.  As if that weren’t enough,  this video might also make it harder for them to use race to divide and conquer. 


Surely even Sean Hannity could see that anything leading to either possibility, let alone both,  would be “completely wrong.” 



Frank Joyce is a lifelong Detroit labor and political activist and writer.


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