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Why Mitt Romney May End Up Wishing He Never Picked Paul Ryan

Romney's leaked video disaster may end up being a trifle compared to what Ryan did to his candidacy

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Here’s Mayer again on Ohio’s political makeup:

Politically at the top-of-the-ticket, Ohio is purple, and, other than with Governor Bob Taft’s reelection in 2002, victories have been tough for Republicans. Bush won Ohio by just 165,000 votes in 2000 and 118,000 votes in 2004; Democratic Governor Ted Strickland won in a historic landslide in 2006 by nearly 1,000,000 votes; Obama won Ohio in 2008 by over 260,000 votes; and Governor Kasich, in a national Republican wave year, won by less than 80,000 votes. (As Rob Portman won his Senate seat by 660,000 votes — tell me again why Romney didn’t choose him as the vice-presidential candidate?)

That’s a really good question, Matt Mayer! Would Rob Portman have made Romney the favorite in Ohio? Probably not, but it wouldn’t have  hurt to have a very popular local guy who’s won statewide election before, by a large margin, on the ticket.

Instead Romney picked a divisive representative from a state with 10 electoral votes.

Portman was the “boring,” safe choice  for a reason. Sometimes you don’t go BOLD.


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