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What, No Deficit?

What exactly will Rubio, Republicans and Rand Paul talk about all day as the deficit shrinks?

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Jobs: “Under the Obama economy, 12 million people are out of work. During the President’s first term 800,000 construction workers lost their jobs and another 800,000 simply gave up on looking for work.” Actually that was because when Obama took office we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. This was turned around by the “stimulus” and the economy has been creating jobs — but not enough jobs.

Taxes again: “With my five-year budget, millions of jobs would be created by cutting the corporate income tax in half, by creating a flat personal income tax of 17%, and by cutting the regulations that are strangling American businesses.” If you cut the top taxes to 17%, guess what has to happen to the taxes of the rest of us? If you cut regulations, guess what corporations will do to us.

The rest of it was more anti-government, unleash the giant corporations stuff…

Anyway, we just had an election that was supposed to decide these things, and they lost.


Dave Johnson is a fellow at Campaign for America's Future and a senior fellow at Renew California.

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