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WATCH: Bernie Sanders Nails Why Republican Attacks on Obamacare Are Just a Distraction

And he does it in under three minutes.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont went on Chris Hayes' program recently and summed up quite eloquently and concisely how bankrupt the Republican attacks on Obamacare are. "Our Republican friends, who have nothing to say about healthcare, are able to harp on the one thing the president said and show it again and again and claim he lied," Sanders said. But it's all a distraction, from what's reall important, which is the lamentable and inexcusable state of healthcare coverage in this country. Yes, the president could have been more nuanced in explaining to Americans that their junk insurance would get replaced by something better. "But in the long run," Sanders said, "you have to get away from inadequate, junk insurance programs and provide real healthcare."

Watch for yourself:


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