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Top 5 Ways the GOP Has Failed to Appear Less Crazy

Despite Republican "rebranding" efforts, the party continues to prove why it doesn't appeal to all Americans.

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The article continues: “Part of the homosexual agenda is to get the public to affirm their filthy lifestyle.”

Despite calls for his resignation, Agema has not backed down. “It’s part of our platform,” he told the Washington Post. “Dr. Joseph, the Family Research Council, the (American Family Association) and others have similar statistics. It’s a principle worth fighting for.”

4. New GOP Star Compares Gay Marriage to ‘Bestiality’

Here’s yet another anti-gay remark, this time from a new-found darling on the right, though Dr. Ben Carson says he doesn’t identify with any political party. Since his right-wing speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, Carson has been praised up and down by Republicans.

But he struck another blow at the GOP’s “rebranding” efforts in a recent appearance on Fox News. Asked by right-wing host Sean Hannity about his thoughts on gay marriage, Carson said: “My thoughts are that marriage is between a man and a woman. It's a well-established, fundamental pillar of society and no group, be they gays, be they NAMBLA, be they people who believe in bestiality. It doesn't matter what they are. They don't get to change the definition. So he, it's not something that is against gays, it's against anybody who wants to come along and change the fundamental definitions of pillars of society.”

5. Texas Congressman Jokes About ‘Poking Holes’ in Earth

There’s nothing like being anti-science to paint yourself as the crazy party. Texas Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) wants to drill, baby, drill. And he’s taken to his Twitter account to joke about what that drilling could do to the Earth.

“The best thing about the Earth is if you poke holes in it oil and gas come out,” he said on Twitter. A later Tweet reads: “Funny thing about liberals hating oil and gas – they’re expressing it on computers made from petrochemicals. Why do liberals hate science?” He also said: “There is reportedly $1 trillion in oil off the coast of California. But liberal hatred of science and human progress keeps them bankrupt.”

Republicans aren’t about to win the sane people vote anytime soon.


Alex Kane is AlterNet's New York-based World editor, and an assistant editor for Mondoweiss. Follow him on Twitter @alexbkane.

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