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Ryan's 'Secret' Tape Is Even More Extreme Than Romney's

Paul Ryan's recording reveals his radical hostility toward the nation's most popular social programs.

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Remember Rand's words: "If any civilization is to survive, it is the morality of altruism that men have to reject." That's the philosophy that Ryan says framed his "value systems" and beliefs.

It's true that Ryan tried to distance himself from Rand this year -- " thrice," as Brad DeLong noted. But the public portions of the "Celebration" speech put the lie to those claims.

DeLong's use of the word "thrice" is a subtle reference to the Biblical story of Judas. But while Ryan appears to have publicly betrayed Rand, he's focused his criticisms on her atheism and has yet to renounce her political philosophy.

It's only fair to point out another difference between the Biblical story and Ryan's: unlike Judas (and reportedly a number of Rand's disciples as well), Paul Ryan did not kiss his leader.

Soulless Inspiration

On the contrary. Ryan said that Rand's writing "inspired me so much that it's required reading in my office for all my interns and my staff. We start with Atlas Shrugged ... We go to Fountainhead (note: that's the one whose hero commits a terrorist act) ... (and) I always go back to... Francisco d'Anconia's speech [in  Atlas Shrugged] on money when I think about monetary policy."

What did d'Anconia say in  Atlas Shrugged? "Do not envy a worthless heir ... Do not think (his wealth) should have been distributed among you; loading the world with fifty parasites instead of one ... " Rand/d'Anconia also says "To love money is to know and love the fact that money is the creation of the best power within you ... "

Here's what Rand-as-d'Anconia says about any wealthy person with a conscience: "Swarms of looters that stay under rocks for centuries come crawling out at the first smell of a man who begs to be forgiven for the guilt of owning wealth. They will hasten to relieve him of the guilt -- and of his life, as he deserves." (Rand's writings frequently exult in the deaths of anyone she considers inferior.)

The speech also says that "Money is the barometer of a society's virtue," adding: "The words 'to make money' hold the essence of human morality... Now the looters' credo has brought you to regard your proudest achievements as a hallmark of shame, your prosperity as guilt, your greatest men, the industrialists, as blackguards... "

For those who prefer democracy to being subjugated by the wealthy, Rand/d'Anconia offers these words: "The rotter who simpers that he sees no difference between the power of the dollar and the power of the whip, ought to learn the difference on his own hide -- as, I think, he will."

(Whips are a favored Rand image; don't even think about it.)

This is the speech that Paul Ryan says he reflects on whenever monetary policy is discussed.

Red Grandmas

Ryan said the political debates in Washington, "whether it's an amendment vote that I'll take later on this afternoon, or a big piece of policy we're putting through our Ways and Means Committee, it is a fight that usually comes down to one conflict: individualism vs. collectivism."

Ryan trains his apocalyptically ideological worldview squarely on the nation's seniors and disabled, calling both Medicare and Social Security "third party or socialist-based systems" that must be dismantled in their present form. He  lamentsthe collectivist victory that will take place

... if we do not succeed in switching these programs, in reforming these programs from what some people call a defined benefit system, to a defined contribution system ... and I'm talking about health care, as well -- from a third party or socialist based system to an individually owned, individually prefunded, individually directed system.

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