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Prominent Progressives Reject Obama’s Social Security Offer

Liberals fear the president has crippled Social Security in a "grand bargain" with House Republicans.

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Previously, progressive groups have told Salon that they would consider mounting primary campaigns against members who supported cuts to entitlement programs. In the past weeks, the groups, along with labor unions, have been  running ads and sending emails to pressure members to leave social safety net programs alone. executive director Justin Ruben noted that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters in November that Democrats were “ not going to mess with Social Security.” MoveOn’s millions of members, he said, “see any fiscal agreement that cuts such benefits as a betrayal that sells out working- and middle-class families — whether the cuts come via a chained CPI, increased Medicare eligibility age, or in some other form.”

The group sent an action alert to supporters this morning asking them to call Reid and tell him, “We need you to stop any deal that cuts Social Security benefits.”

Stephanie Taylor, the co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, said the chained CPI plan is “unacceptable.”  A labor source called it “insanity.”

As Matt Yglesias pointed out this morning, the chained CPI is also unpopular, with  60 percent opposed to “changing Social Security to increase at a slower rate” and only 34 percent in favor.


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