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Mother Claims She Called Sheriffs to Split Up Fight Between Her Daughter and Son-in-Law -- Officers Instead Shoot Them Both to Death

Another sad tale of too much firepower and excessive use of force.

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"Following the shooting of Deborah and Robert Prine by the defendants, Dubus, Barran, Ceravolo, Powell and Newsom, said defendants and the defendants, Woodruff, Rodriguez, Shard, [Deputy Brandon] Barlow, [Sgt. Jim] Brouwer, Campuzano, [Deputy Daryl] Turner, [Deputy Justin] Bordelon and [Deputy Travis] Thomas, refused to report the excessive force of the defendant shooters or to report the conspiratorial actions taken by the defendant shooters to cover up their wrongdoing.

"Numerous named nonshooting defendant deputies observed the use of excessive force by the aforenamed defendant deputy shooters yet the nonshooting defendant deputies and other investigating defendant deputies conspired with one another and the shooters to conceal the defendants' wrongdoing and misconduct.

"Additional steps taken by the co-defendants, except for Tregre, in furtherance of the conspiracy to cover up their wrongful killing of Deborah and Robert Prine include their moving and removal of evidence prior to the arrival of the State Police investigators which includes removing a knife and fork from the Prine residence at 129 Steven Drive, Reserve, Louisiana and placing it near the body and hands of Robert Prine."The family seeks punitive damages for wrongful death, assault and battery, civil rights violations, constitutional violations, excessive force, false reports, destruction of evidence, conspiracy, mental anguish, negligence, failure to train, supervise and discipline, malice, recklessness and other charges.They are represented by Gary W. Bizal of New Orleans.

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