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Meet California's Most Abusive Company

These bosses forced workers to take Adderall, endure sexual harassment and log 24-hour work days.

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For Ingman, the end came shortly after he'd been transferred to Spain to set up a European office with defendant Iavor Ivanov.

"In October 2012, after he became aware of Mr. Ingman's discomfort with the sexually hostile atmosphere in the corporate office, Mr. Ivanov threatened to 'punch him in the fucking face' if he sought corporate reimbursement for alcohol ordered by Mr. Ivanov on Mr. Ingman's personal credit card without his consent," according to the complaint. "Mr. Ivanov also ordered Mr. Ingman not to leave the office during the day for any reason unless he had prior approval, constantly phoning and emailing him. This conduct prevented Mr. Ingman from performing his job effectively. Ultimately, Mr. Ingman could not tolerate this behavior anymore. On Nov. 16, 2012, he wrote to David Ruiz, vice president of analytics, and to CAET's director of human resources, requesting a transfer from Mr. Ivanov's team. In his email, he stated that Mr. Ivanov was physically menacing, abusive and made it impossible for him to work at his job in Europe."

Ingman says Jacob responded by transferring him back to California - and gave him 48 hours to leave Spain, warning him he would be terminated if he disobeyed.

"Because Ingman was unable to meet the arbitrary and unreasonable deadline, defendant Jacob left him to return from Europe on his own," the complaint states. "On Nov. 17, 2012, defendant Jacob sent an email to CAET's directors and the entire European team immediately after plaintiff's termination, informing them that he had terminated Mr. Ingman due to Mr. Ingman's 'erratic behavior,' poor attitude and lack of commitment to the job and company. ... He also called Mr. Ingman a 'squeaky wheel,' a 'poor trader' and a bad employee. He informed the European team that he would distribute Mr. Ingman's accounts to them, which would give them additional revenue and a reason not to complain."

Ingman and Zaslove seek punitive damages for labor code violations, sexual harassment and contract violations. Ingman also seeks damages for wrongful termination and defamation, and Zaslove for constructive discharge and emotional distress.

Both are represented by Jean-Yves Lendormy and H. Ann Liroff, with Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates in San Francisco.