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Meet California's Most Abusive Company

These bosses forced workers to take Adderall, endure sexual harassment and log 24-hour work days.

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Zaslove says she was constantly subjected to vulgar chatter about sexploits, one-night stands and encounters with prostitutes.

Ingman makes similar complaints.

Ingman claims that shortly after being hired by CAET, he went on a company trip to Las Vegas as a reward for being a top trader. While there, he says, defendant Sgro demanded that Ingman procure a prostitute for him, an act that supposedly is illegal in Sin City.

"When Mr. Ingman protested and expressed his discomfort, Mr. Sgro ordered the prostitute in Mr. Ingman's name and identified Mr. Ingman as the individual requesting the prostitute, in front of his colleagues," the complaint states. "When the prostitutes arrived there were two of them, not one. At the time, Mr. Ingman and two other traders ... went to Mr. Sgro's room to explain what happened. When the three of them arrived, they discovered Mr. Sgro half naked in bed with two naked female prostitutes. This entire episode greatly embarrassed Mr. Ingman in front of his colleagues. When Mr. Ingman told Mr. Sgro how upset he was about the situation, Mr. Sgro shrugged him off and said that this type of conduct happened all the time at CAET. He was told not to report the incident, or his job would be in jeopardy."

Ingman says he did not tell Jacob - CAET's chairman and CEO, according to the company website - but his two colleagues did. Jacob did nothing, not that he would have anyway, Ingman says.

"In the corporate offices throughout Mr. Ingman's employment, defendant Jacob and the other directors constantly and loudly proclaimed that women in the office were 'whores' and 'bitches' in front of all the traders and saw nothing wrong with continuing these insults. Further, defendant Meissner frequently and loudly discussed procuring prostitutes for his team members in Mr. Ingman's presence, and his lewd and lascivious behavior toward women was abysmal. Although defendant Jacob was present, he failed to take any remedial action. By his silence, defendant Jacob condoned and encouraged these activities," Ingman says in his complaint.

Zaslove says she twice complained to Jacob about Meissner - CAET director of sales - to no avail.

"After plaintiff's husband, a university professor, had won a prestigious award, defendant Meissner humiliated the plaintiff by telling her in front of other traders and colleagues 'Ok, when are you going to quit, be a housewife or do charity work? Women do not last here.' In July 2012, plaintiff saw defendant Meissner distributing Adderall to his team members and overheard him offering to procure prostitutes for all of them. Defendant Jacob failed to remedy the situation when plaintiff complained to him, condoning this conduct by telling her 'when you work at CAET, you need Adderall or cocaine," Zaslove says in her complaint.

She says that Jacob grossly sexually harassed her, telling her "in a sales meeting in the presence of others that he would 'put his dick in her mouth' if she disagreed with him."

Zaslove continues: "During that same time, defendant Jacob told plaintiff loudly in front of other inside salespersons to tell the customer 'to suck his dick' after one of her customers had asked plaintiff for purchase terms. Such language was prevalent in CAET workplace and frequently used, to plaintiff's embarrassment, by Jackson and Meissner as well as Jacob."

Zaslove claims that despite her complaints about sexual harassment and an incident in which Sgro touched her inappropriately, CAET promoted both Sgro and Meissner to partner in July 2012, "leaving no doubt that the way to success at CAET was to abuse women or participate in offensive conduct, or both."