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The Intelligence Community's Supposed Big Thinkers Share Their Fantasy Vision of a Still Mighty USA in 2030

The new "Global Trends 2030" report reads as though the world will continue to be America's plaything for a few more decades -- what a bunch of dreamers.

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With the rising powers of “the South” and “the East,” we’ll now have a chance to see for ourselves, perhaps by 2030, just how accurate Galeano might have been about the fate of this ever more crowded, ever more resource-pressed, ever hotter and more tumultuous planet of ours.  We might learn up close and personal just what it means to add a billion or two extra “middle class” consumers at such a moment.  By then, perhaps we’ll be able to take our pick from extremities of all sorts, ranging from old standbys like revolution or fascism to new ones that we can’t even imagine today.

But don’t read  Global Trends 2030 to find out about that.  After all, the nightmare of every bureaucracy is surprise.  We’re not spending $75 billion on “intelligence” and  giving up what were once classic American rights and liberties to encounter a bunch of unsettling surprises.  No wonder the NIC folks can’t bear to imagine a fuller range of what might be coming.  The Washington bubble is too comfortable, the rest too frightening.  They may be living off  our fear, but don’t kid yourself for a second, they’re afraid too, or they could never produce a document like  Global Trends 2030.

As a portrait of American power gone remarkably blind, deaf, and dumb in a world roaring toward 2030, it provides the rest of us with the functional definition of the group of people least likely to offer long-term security to Americans.

Boil it all down, in fact, and you have a single, all-too-clear New Year’s wish from the U.S. Intelligence Community: please, please, please make 2013, 2014, 2015... and 2030 not so different from 2012!

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