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Why I'm Naming the New Lesion in My Ill Wife's Brain 'Anthem BlueCross' After the Criminals That Denied Her Medicine

Private insurance did everything in its power to stop my wife from getting care.

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As of this writing on Wednesday night, we still have heard no word from Anthem as to the status of their suddenly-revealed approval process for my wife's medication.

I believe down to my bones that what we have endured at the hands of these cretins has been entirely deliberate. No amount of incompetence or laziness can account for the appalling lack of response, the runaround, and the sudden appearance of this "approval process," we have gotten from Anthem. They do not want to co-pay for my wife's medication or for her disease in general, and are doing everything they can to avoid it. Period, end of file.

If you think this is a unique situation, a one-off that does not represent the general experience people have with the insurance industry, think again. I made mention of our situation on social media, and the testimonials I received in response were both astonishing and harrowing:

S.L.: As someone who worked for a big, local health insurance company, I can tell you that this sort of thing happens a LOT. And it's one of the reasons I didn't last too long, at that job. I felt like the biggest piece of poo, for having to follow "company guidelines" that royally screwed people over. I'd rather scrub toilets than to ever work in the health insurance field again.

J.R.: I have rheumatoid arthritis and have had nothing but hassles with BCBS denying coverage for blood work and medicines. In fact, I was on the Arkansas Risk Pool because I have a "pre-existing condition" and no other health insurance company would take me. But now that very same Risk Pool is not going to pay my office visits and labs from last year because...(wait for it) I have a pre-existing condition! Fuck all of them. I am sick of being punished for my chronic condition.

R.M.: As a mental health professional I'm convinced insurance companies will do ANYTHING to delay or avoid payment. Michael Moore understood that years back, providers bang heads against walls and get scared shitless we'll be caught up in the outcomes of reckless disregard for what patients desperately need, and it's the love of profit, pure and simple. The history of "insurance" in its many forms is book-worthy, from the black and poor families who used to save every penny for when the insurance man came around, often just so they'd get buried without ruining their families, to the people who literally sit and go over dental x-rays and challenge whether you really need that more expensive treatment when they've never laid eyes on you, to the many people who have been in your wife's situation.

T.R.: Similar thing happening here with my lead-poisoned kiddo - waiting 4 months - sick 11 year old misses 9 weeks of school - waiting to see a specialist because he "isn't in enough pain to expedite" and he can't eat or breathe without pain - we finally get in to specialist on Wednesday (Pediatric GI) and she said - and I quote " I don't even need to examine him really - I've reviewed all the paperwork" WTF - sending us away with a referral to a pain clinic! Fuck - an 11 year old needs to be in debilitating pain for four months so he can see an idiot who refers him to a pain clinic !!!

G.S.: Our insurance company did the same thing with my migraine medicine, zomig. Told me I could only have 6 pills a month- which is awesome when your migraines come in clusters, multiple times a day, weeks on end. We ended up having to pay hundreds of dollars to get them. Doctor even called in an override to no avail.