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Footage of NYPD's Brutal Raid That Ended 2-Month Occupation of Zuccotti Park Released

This release of the footage is the first major public documentation of the raid on November 15, 2011, when the police arrested an estimated 200.

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The raid came the same night that members of Occupy Wall Street were planning an expansion of the encampment to another site in Lower Manhattan located at Sixth Avenue and Canal Street. Some believe that the raid itself was timed in order to thwart the expansion of the movement.

Anonymous activists themselves have often been the target of police raids and state oppression. Last July, in a coordinated crackdown against Anonymous, the FBI, Dutch National Police and the Metropolitan Police of London arrested 14 people allegedly associated with the online activist network.

Anonymous has previously hacked into and leaked information from the FBI, the Marine Corps and other local police departments,

as protests against state repression. In the summer of 2010, Anonymous hacked the Arizona police department multiple times as a protest against SB 1070.

Laura Gottesdiener is a freelance journalist and the author of "A Dream Foreclosed: Black America and the Fight for a Place to Call Home," forthcoming from Zuccotti Park Press.

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