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The FBI’s License to Kill: Agents Have Been Deemed 'Justified' in Every Shooting Since 1993

The FBI has cleared its agents in every single shooting incident dating back two decades.

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AMY GOODMAN: Charlie savage, you said you got over 2100 pages from the FBI. Did you uncover any information about the killing of Filiberto Ojeda Rios, the 72-year-old Puerto Rican independence activist who was shot dead by the FBI in 2005, and according to an autopsy, he bled to death after being hit with a single bullet? Officials did not enter his home until the following day, many hours after he was shot. He was wanted by the FBI for his role in a 1983 bank heist. Did you see anything about him?


CHARLIE SAVAGE: I did not look carefully at that case. I’m not sure if that is in the [section] of documents or not. I put them all up on the — our  Times website, and I invite any viewers who know anything about particular incidents going back in 1993, to go look at that and see if they think that the FBI’s internal narrative matches their understanding of what happened. There are a handful of incidents that did not go through this process. The Justice Department’s Inspector General has the right to take away a shooting incident investigation from the FBI at the onset. There was one from Puerto Rico, I’m not sure if that is the one or if it involved a police officer who shot from about five or six years ago, that was not in this document set because the IG had done his own report which is on their website as well.


AMY GOODMAN: Well, we did a search of the documents you put on line, and this is not in those 2100 pages.


CHARLIE SAVAGE: That may be why, because the IG pulled it out for their own look.


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