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Coming Sequester Cuts Will Make Most of Americans' Lives Worse -– And People Are Mobilizing

In just over a week the government is probably going to enter full-scale austerity.

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The problem with the President’s plan is he is offering what he calls a “balanced” approach of closing loopholes and then offers additional cuts to try to get them to go along. In effect,  Obama Says Cuts Bad, Proposes Cuts,

Common sense might suggest that if a thug is holding a kid hostage and demanding money you don’t offer him half the money and say he can shoot half the kid. That is a “balanced” response to hostage-taking. But it is not the correct response.

There is one more choice and it is the right choice: just don’t do this.  Repeal the sequester. Stop the cuts.

Dave Johnson is a fellow at Campaign for America's Future.
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