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April Fools! Bill Clinton Tweets Out Pic Similar to 'Texts With Hillary' Meme

Instead of a cell phone, Bill Clinton is seeing using an iPad.

Bill Clinton


Former President Bill Clinton made waves on the Internet on April Fools Day when he posted a picture of himself that copied his wife’s famous online viral photo.  

The photo of Hillary Clinton with sunglasses on and texting with her phone inspired the “Texts From Hillary” meme last year.  Bill Clinton’s photo is a replica of Hillary’s photo, only with him using a big iPad.  

The former president also changed his Twitter bio to read more like Hillary’s.  “Husband, dad, FPOTUS, Bono impersonator, 3-piece suit aficionado, Hoya + Razorback fan, meme appropriator," it reads.  Hillary’s reads: “Wife, mom, lawyer, women & kids advocate, FLOAR, FLOTUS, US Senator, SecState, author, dog owner, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, glass ceiling cracker, TBD…”

Here’s Bill Clinton’s tweet:

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