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"Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter": 8 Antebellum Vampire Zombies in Politics and Pop Culture

It's the Civil War rebooted, this time with the expendable undead

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But one might also want to keep an eye on the conspiracy theorists, including Glenn Beck and even the Republican National Committee, terrified that the United Nations' Agenda 21 action plan is in fact, as the RNC's 2012 resolution explains, "a comprehensive plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering, and global political control." Like the Civil War South before them, Agenda 21 paranoiacs are convinced that the United Nations is determined to destroy their regional sovereignty. It's logical to assume that World War Z's monumental Hollywood blockbuster of graphic, and geographic, annihilation and reconstruction is going to give them far more survivalist nightmares than the proliferating pop-cultural phantasms of Abraham Lincoln. Fade to black, indeed. 

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