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6 Reasons We Need to Protect America from Texas Politicians

Perhaps a fence would be in order.

It looks like the influence of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the right-wing nutcase-creation machine might have tipped Texas Republicans over the edge and into dangerous territory. Their politicians are flying right off the rails. Is it time to think about setting up border checkpoints around Texas to protect ourselves? Even better, maybe we should just build a big fence around the state to keep their elected officials in.

Here are six reasons why we should think about building a big fence around Texas to keep the Lone Star state's wacky Republican politicians away from the rest of us.

1. Texas Republican Senate candidate Ted Cruz says George Soros is funding a United Nations environmental conspiracy (to eliminate golf?)

Fox news, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the far-right media machine have Texas Repubicans so completely whipped up into a John Birch-style, “black helicopter” conspiracy frenzy that some in the state appear to have become dangerously unhinged. Even their Republican candidate for Senate has caught the wave.

Texas Republican Senate candidate Ted Cruz posted an article on his Web site titled Stop Agenda 21: The Constitution should be our only “Agenda," in which he rants about “a dangerous United Nations plan that takes aim at the American economy – and American freedom – in the name of environmental reform.” He writes that our government is “handing over power over vast areas of the US economy to unelected UN bureaucrats.” And in a froth of paranoia, he adds, “The originator of this grand scheme is George Soros, who candidly supports socialism and believes that global development must progress through eliminating national sovereignty and private property.”

Cruz writes that the Soros/UN scheme will “abolish ‘unsustainable’ environments, including golf courses.” And paved roads. Never forget paved roads!

This is just a taste of the crazy -- you really have to go read the whole thing yourself. And this guy is the Republican candidate for the United States Senate, which means he is likely to get elected. Unless we build that fence in time! (Maybe his slogan could be “Absolute adventures into the crazy in defense of liberty is no vice!”)

Cruz also says if elected he will push to eliminate the IRS, and throw the entire tax code in the trash, preferring “the Fair Tax.” The Fair Tax is a sales tax scheme to dramatically reduce taxes on the wealthy, offsetting them with a 23% sales tax on things the rest of us must purchase. Cruz says, “You know, there are more words in the tax code than in the Bible.”

2. Texas Board of Education rewrites history in textbooks

In 2010, the Texas Board of Education ordered changes to history and economics textbooks, ruling that they must reflect a far-right interpretation of these topics. Saying they are only “adding balance,” the board ordered changes including:

  • Saying Senator Joe McCarthy was correct to charge that the U.S. government was infiltrated by communists.

  • Refusing to include Latino figures like Cesar Chavez as role models.

  • Saying Thomas Jefferson did not play a major role among the founding fathers, and removing him from a list of figures whose writings inspired late-18th-century and 19th-century revolutions elsewhere.

  • Requiring teaching that the country’s founding fathers were all Christians.

  • Questioning the separation of church and state and refusing an amendment declaring that, “the founding fathers protected religious freedom in America by barring the government from promoting or disfavoring any particular religion above all others.”

  • Ordering that the word “capitalism” be replaced in all textbooks with the “free-enterprise system.”

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