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Multistory Car Park in U.S. Transformed Into Designer Micro-Apartments

Many of the 105 million parking spaces in American cities are under-used: could they be repurposed into affordable housing?

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The biggest success of SCADpad is the inclusion of communal spaces. There was no room for us to comfortably entertain guests in our tiny apartments, but the common-area lounge was relaxing, and offered great skyline views. The community garden offered a soothing contrast to all the concrete – and yielded salad for dinner.

The SCADpad concept is still in its infancy, but has considerable potential. I presently live in a converted cotton mill; my loft once held massive looms and spindles. After the factory closed, the building sat vacant for decades. If you’d asked me back in the 1980s if I imagined anyone living in the hulking brick structure, I’d have laughed. Ask me now if people might be moving into the dozens of parking garages in downtown Atlanta one day, and I’d say, it just might be possible.

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