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Why Alcoholism Is the Convenient Scapegoat in the “Jewish Center Killer” Story—Not the Culprit

Frazier Glenn Miller is a nationally known white supremacist, but the media decided to blame the bottle for his hate crime.

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It requires only an elementary knowledge of psychology to understand why so many fascists and their fellow travelers hiding in cyberspace would pick up on the booze-made-him-do-it angle. Excessive alcohol intake creates disinhibition in its users and, unlike marijuana and other drugs, is known to sometimes spark violence under stress. But the real appeal of the alcohol-driven narrative is that it allows racists to ignore the true culprit, the one within themselves—their hate-filled ideology, which manufactures scapegoats to satisfy their acute sense of insecurity and inferiority.

Some mainstream media outlets picked up Black’s booze-did-it theory with little critique. Identifying the former Nazi leader and Klansman as a founder of the “White Pride” website Stormfront, quoted him as saying that the cause of Miller’s outburst was, “probably because of alcohol…his brain is rotted.” Similarly, he told the Daily Beast, “[The killings are] so insane from every level, so I suspect the alcohol’s been eating away at him for a long time.” Pleased with the Daily Beast article—“ White Nationalists Reject Kansas City Suspect Frazier Glenn Miller”—a VNN user posted it and deemed it “useful.”

ABC reported yesterday that in an FBI report of an interview with Miller after his 1987 arrest, he was recounted as saying that “having spent eight days in jail and having the opportunity to dry out from excessive alcohol consumption, he has learned to develop tolerance. He stated emphatically that he would never hurt anybody.” The report does not make clear whether the agency confirmed that Miller had been drunk.

VNN’s webmaster is preppy, Pomona College–educated Alex Linder, who openly espouses his fervent belief that Jews should be “exterminated,” now, in America—was Miller’s partner in a publishing endeavor called the “Aryan Alternative” newspaper. Some observers  say he’s responsible for directing Miller away from his Southern Christian-Identity Klan roots towards a philosophy Linder calls “New Right,” a concoction of neo-paganism, anti-southern Christianity, far-right-libertarianism and, most pointedly, an obsession with wiping Jews off the earth.

Despite Linder’s philosophy, he was deemed respectable enough to appear in  the 2005 Minutemen Project, a laudatory documentary about the all-volunteer, private border patrols. Also featured are Tom Tancredo and Kevin MacDonald, a professor of psychology at California State University/Long Beach who blames Jews for a “breeding program” to conquer other “races.” In 2012, the highly respected conservative think-tank  Heritage Foundation fully endorsed this racist rabble, even backing their integration into the state militia system.

Dan Clevenger, the Tea Party–supported mayor of Marionville, Missouri, was a local friend of Miller. After the Kansas City murders were announced, Clevenger  admitted to sharing some of his buddy’s anti-Semitic ideas, especially as they relate to alleged Jewish control of the economy. By Monday, he had been forced to resign.

For its  Miller-related post, Whitereference.blogspot, pulled a string of testimonials together from racist poo-bahs to certify that Miller was a snitch, a drunk and a discredit to the fine white race. These voices included ex-White Aryan Resistance leader Tom Metzger and Rocky Suhadya, the chairman of the American Nazi Party (ANP), an old comrade of Miller in the WPP. Putting his own two cents in, the anonymous blogger wrote that cold-blooded murder sprees will never compete with Tea Party tactics when it comes to undermining the government. “If you have an issue with ZOG, don’t go after ZOGlings. Handle it the way Cliven Bundy and his supporters did in Nevada. Shooting up Holocaust museums, interracial couples, and Jewish community centers is wasteful, destructive, and immoral.”

Bundy is the Nevada rancher who staged an armed standoff two weeks ago with the US government over his refusal to pay millions of dollars in taxes for use of federal rangeland grazing, because “he doesn’t acknowledge the federal government”—and was lionized for it by Fox News, Sen. Rand Paul and other conservative notables. On Friday night, 1,500 of his supporters, many of whom are openly armed militia members, including the extremist anti-government Oath Keepers, honored him at a party where they wore  “Domestic Terrorist” name tags.

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