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Sloppy and Wrong: 11 "Fox & Friends" Corrections and Apologies

It's the most misleading and most watched morning news show on TV.

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10. Inverted Poll To Claim 61 Percent Opposed Collective Bargaining. Fox & Friends  issued a correction after claiming that 61percent of respondents to a poll favored taking collective bargaining rights away from public employees. In fact, 61 percent opposed the measure in the Gallup poll they cited.

11. Giuliani: Obama Didn't Say "War" During State Of The Union. Doocy  issued a correction on-air after former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani falsely stated on Fox & Friends that President Obama didn't say "war" during his 2010 State of the Union speech.

These examples represent only a small fraction of the program's misdeeds; more often than not, Fox & Friendsignores criticism of their false stories and refuses to issue corrections or retractions for their  sloppy journalism. Indeed, their reputation for getting stories wrong while promoting the conservative movement and attacking progressives  was parodied on an episode of Saturday Night Live.

Oliver Willis is the blogmaster at Like Kryptonite To Stupid
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