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Far-Right Shock Jock Michael Savage Concocts Conspiracy Blaming Muslims for Boston Bombing -- and the Entire Govt. for Covering It Up

Amidst a national manhunt, up to 8 million Americans were bombarded with wildly dangerous speculation and anti-Muslim incitement.

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“Are you in hiding?” Savage asked Shoebat.

“Pretty much,” he haltingly replied, claiming persecution at the hands of godless liberals. “After becoming Christian and beginning to fight for this country, that's when I became a terrorist!” he complained to Savage.

Having restored Shoebat’s credentials, Savage and his guest delved into the hidden motives of the Boston conspirators, from the Al Qaeda-linked Saudi bomber to the government enablers who supposedly let him off the hook. “Has Obama literally deracinated the FBI and other intelligence agencies with a thought process that literally must cut off when it comes to Islam and terror, that they will never find the actual perpetrators?” Savage wondered.

“When it comes to Obama, I have to ask, why is his family so involved with the Wahhabi apparatus? And that's his family in Kenya,” Shoebat said, claiming that Obama’s Kenyan cousin, Musa Ismail Obama, was secretly funding students to study at Wahhabist academies in Saudi Arabia. He added that Huma Abedin, the longtime assistant to Hillary Clinton and wife of Anthony Weiner, was another key link between the Wahhabi terror apparatus and the Obama administration -- Shoebat has alternately described her as stealth operative for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Wahhabists. (On his personal website, Shoebat claimed “Huma’s mother [is] part of a plot reminiscent of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.”)

Wondering why Obama refused to “cop” to being a Muslim, Savage warned of radical Islamic influence “at the FBI level, the CIA level, presidential level, military – everybody!”

Indeed, the entire government was run by dupes for Islam, all united, wittingly or not, in a Saudi-orchestrated plot to place America under the control of Shariah law. And it all started with gun control. “Al Qaeda is in favor of gun control in America,” Savage remarked to Shoebat. “Why?”

“It’s very simple,” he explained. “If people are disarmed, they’re easily occupied, they’re easily conquered. Because the American system itself begins with harassment of people like me and you by Muslims against non-Muslims… If you don’t think they will execute people in this country – there are many cases of executions by Islamists against Americans in this country.”

According to Shoebat, the most dangerous type of Islamic terrorist was not the open extremist determined to kill Americans, but the stealth operative. For this character, the progressive movement is the ultimate Trojan Horse. “Islam is a socialist system, not conservative,” Shoebat explained. “Islam is pro-evolution. This tickles the year of all the liberals.” To illustrate his point, Shoebat pointed to “anti-Israel demonstrations” where “gays, lesbians, leftists, communists, and Muslims hold hands.”
Who do homosexuals ally themselves with “people who want to kill them?” Savage asked his guest.

“The homosexual movement finds in Islam, ghelmaniya, which is pedophilia, having sex with boys,” Shoebat said, referring to a practice explicitly banned in Islam. “In fact, many of the Islamic caliphs had sex with boys… Pedophilia in Islam is overwhelming.”

Having painstakingly detailed the Saudi-CIA-Obama-gay-communist plot to Islamicize America, Savage seemed overcome with delight.

“Your knowledge is so soothingly real,” he told Shoebat, “that I don't care where it leads us.”

Listen to the full Michael Savage/Walid Shoebat broadcast here.

Max Blumenthal is the author of Goliath and Republican Gomorrah (Basic/Nation Books, 2009). Twitter at @MaxBlumenthal.

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