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Far-Right Shock Jock Michael Savage Concocts Conspiracy Blaming Muslims for Boston Bombing -- and the Entire Govt. for Covering It Up

Amidst a national manhunt, up to 8 million Americans were bombarded with wildly dangerous speculation and anti-Muslim incitement.

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Claiming vindication the following day, Savage turned to his guest, Shoebat, for his expert opinion. “The man is linked to Al Qaeda. No question about it,” Shoebat said. Several of his family members are Al Qaeda leaders… The whole mechanism is interlinked with the spread of Muslim minorities all over the globe.”

According to Shoebat, the Saudi national, Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi, has several relatives locked up in the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay. “So this could easily be made as a revenge,” he claimed. “What Americans don’t understand is that a clan is linked…so the support for terrorism comes from a clan support.”

Shoebat then claimed that the US government had scrubbed photos from Alharbi’s Facebook page that implicated him in jihadist activities.

“Why would the FBI cover for the Saudis?” Savage asked in an innocent tone.

“We have no Qaeda problem,” Shoebat answered. “This would be very embarrassing for President Obama to have [an] Al Qaeda problem.”

“A ha!” exclaimed Savage. “In other words, it would show there’s a failure in the intelligence community.”

Savage added that the mainstream media was in on the plot, especially Fox News, which is partially owned by Saudi billionaire Prince Walid Bin Talal, and had therefore erected “a cordon sanitaire around the Saudi connection.”

“That’s what it is,” Shoebat interjected. “It’s a cover up from all levels. How did these photos go away?.. The FBI is gonna sweep this under the rug. You are right. Within a week this will be swept under the rug.”

“Oh my God!” Savage responded with a dramatic gasp. “Just like Benghazi.”

The Islamist-Obama conspiracy was so vast that only a rogue agent willing to risk it all for his country could save America. “We need some operative in our own government who’s not going to go along with the program,” Savage declared. “Very difficult because they will lose their pension and they themselves will be nailed to a cross.”

“Mr. Savage, I worked with the Homeland Security for ten years,” Shoebat claimed. “I provided them with Al Qaeda locations in Libya. Latitude, longitude – everything. I know with it’s like dealing with the apparatus. They wanted nothing to do with with information; nothing to do with facts.” There is no record of Shoebat consulting for the Department of Homeland Security on Libya. However, he once earned a $5000 speaking fee through a DHS grant to provide a group of South Dakota police officers and sheriff’s deputies with his insider’s perspective on the mentality of Muslim terrorists. “All Islamic organizations in America should be the number one enemy. All of them,” he told his audience. The appearance prompted a CNN investigation of Shoebat’s background, which found that his claims to have been a former Palestinian terrorist to be completely bogus, with his family near Bethlehem describing him as a “regular kid” who left for the US at 18 to work as a computer programmer.

Shoebat was thus unmasked as a run-of-the-mill con artist huckstering his way across the country, raking in as much as half a million dollars a year through a shady foundation that claimed to aid persecuted Christians, but which provided no evidence of having done so. While raking in cash from American rubes, he has inspired as much resentment against Muslims as possible. One participant at an anti-terror seminar led by Shoebat described his solution as follows: “Kill them…including the children.” Anders Breivik, the right-wing anti-Muslim terrorist who killed over 80 people at a youth camp in Norway, cited Shoebat over 15 times in his manifesto.
Savage, a former New Ager named Michael Weiner who skinny dipped with Allen Ginsberg and palled around with the beats in San Francisco’s 1960’s-era North Beach scene, did his best to help his guest deflect the charges of fraud.

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