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Ever Wonder Where the Extreme Right's Conspiracy Theories and Paranoid Rumors Get Started? Meet WorldNetDaily

"News company" WorldNetDaily has pumped out staggering volumes of froth and nonsense, which then spreads to the rest of the Right's media echo chamber.

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The federal government, Farah wrote in Taking America Back, has “no lawful power outside its limited jurisdiction” and can only “impose its will on local communities and in the various states … through force of arms.” If Washington won’t “yield the power it has usurped from the states and from sovereign, self-governing individuals like you and me,” then “[i]t’s time to reconsider the idea of secession.”

The Civil War was really a “second war of independence” — and, “the motivations of many in the Confederacy were … a desire to live up to the promises of the U.S. Constitution, to test the principle of a voluntary union, to promote self-government and the rights of states.”

Farah’s own formula for revolution is simple: Turn on, tune in, and drop out. “Find a good reliable source of news — like — and be informed.” Buy guns — “more than you think you need.” (He notes these are for self-defense and to “preserve freedom.”) And above all, withdraw your children from “government schools,” those “indoctrination centers” and “brainwashing hubs” run by “statists who seek to steal our children and make a mockery of the family.”

“There is no neutral ground in the spiritual warfare consuming this universe,” he advises readers in the final sentences of Taking America Back. “Now stand up and join me in taking America back.”


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