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CEO Evening News?

CBS turns to benefit-cutting bosses for 'fiscal cliff' commentary.

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The "fiscal cliff" is a scheduled set of tax increases and spending cuts that, if allowed to roll out over the course of 2013, would likely do considerable harm to the fragile economic recovery. It is not really a "cliff," though; Congress and the White House could go over it on January 1 and still reach a subsequent deal in the days or weeks afterwards.

Some of those pushing the "cliff" crisis seem more interested in making some permanent cuts to programs like Social Security and Medicare--which would have far more serious consequences for Americans than the "fiscal cliff." Among those advocates are the business interests behind the Simpson/Bowles Fix the Debt campaign. All of the CBS fiscal experts featured last week were affiliated with this group.

There are critics of this plan. The Institute for Policy Studies recently issued a report ( 11/13/12 ) explaining the corporate interests behind the debt campaign. Report co-author Sarah Anderson told Democracy Now! ( 11/13/12) that Fix the Debt is "really just a Trojan horse. They’re pushing for the same old tax breaks for corporations that they’ve been pushing for for about a decade."

Instead of doing journalism to expose the interests behind this campaign, CBS is giving them a megaphone.

Tell CBS Evening News that their discussion of the "fiscal cliff" should include experts who aren't entitlement-busting CEOs.

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