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9 Wall Street Journal Op-ed Writers Who Weren't Disclosed As Romney Advisers

The op-eds attack President Obama and his administration or discuss Romney on a range of topics like the economy, health care, education and foreign policy.

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Lee A. Casey and David B. Rivkin Jr.

Role with Romney campaign: Members of Romney's Justice Advisory Committee. [,  8/2/11]

WSJ non-disclosure: Nine op-eds combined (seven by Casey and Rivkin, and two by Rivkin without Casey).

Rivkin and Casey have written seven Journal op-eds together attacking the Obama administration on a variety of legal issues: 

  • An August 18, 2011,  op-ed argued that Obama's health care law is unconstitutional.
  • A September 20, 2011,  op-ed criticized the Obama administration's actions on a Palestinian statehood resolution. The op-ed began by agreeing with the Obama administration's decision to oppose a move by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to seek recognition of a Palestinian state from the United Nations. But the writers later criticized the Obama administration for having "failed to present the case against a Palestinian statehood resolution in legal rather than tactical terms, even though these arguments are obvious and would greatly reinforce the U.S. position, also providing a thoroughly neutral basis for many of our allies, particularly in Europe, to oppose Mr. Abbas's statehood bid."
  • A November 15, 2011,  op-ed argued that Obama's health care law is unconstitutional.
  • A January 6  op-ed criticized Obama's recess appointments of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Richard Cordray and members of the National Labor Relations Board as "unconstitutional" and "an unprecedented power grab."
  • A March 23  op-ed criticized Obama's health care law as unconstitutional and claimed that "upholding ObamaCare would destroy this dual-sovereignty system, the most distinctive feature of American constitutionalism."
  • A June 29  op-ed criticized Obama's health care law in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision.
  • A July 26  op-ed began with the  falsehood that "Obama unilaterally gutted the Clinton administration's signature achievement--welfare reform." The op-ed went on to accuse Obama of taking "the hatchet to the immigration laws and to the Bush-era 'No Child Left Behind' statute." The writers wrote that Obama's actions show "that he won't respect these basic constitutional limits on his power." The op-ed added that Obama's actions should "outrage all of us--including and especially members of Congress on both sides of the party divide" and suggested that the president wasn't fit to take the oath of office.

Rivkin also co-wrote two Journal op-eds without Casey which attacked the Obama administration:

  • A December 7, 2011,  op-ed with Charles Stimson attacked the Obama administration over its handling of detainees in American custody. 
  • A February 15  op-ed with Edward Whelan attacked the Obama administration over health care reform's  contraception mandate. The op-ed accused the Obama administration of violating the First Amendment and being "more interested in punishing religiously based opposition to contraception and abortion than in marginally increasing access to contraception services."

The WSJ has identified Casey and Rivkin as lawyers who served during the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, and, at times, as representing states challenging the health care law. It has also identified Rivkin as a senior adviser to the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Paula Dobriansky

Role with Romney campaign: Special adviser, Foreign Policy and National Security Advisory Team. [,  10/7/11]; Co-chair, international organizations working group. [,  10/7/11]

WSJ non-disclosure: One op-ed.

Dobriansky co-wrote a July 8  op-ed which criticized President Obama's foreign policy. Dobriansky wrote that Obama's approach to Libya "simply will not work in dealing with current challenges and those that may emerge in the next three to five years." She also criticized Obama's handling of Europe's economic problems, writing that "Obama has called for greater trade with Europe, but his administration has pursued a free-trade agreement without a sense of urgency or clear leadership from the top."

The WSJ identified Dobriansky as: "Ms. Dobriansky, a former undersecretary of state for democracy and global affairs, is an adjunct senior fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs."