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8 Crazy Fox Freakouts About the Olympics

Most people consider the Olympics a celebration of athletic prowess, but for the folks at Fox News, they're a source of endless outrage.

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It's true, there were far fewer chants of USA! USA! during the London Olympics than there were in Atlanta or Los Angeles. We can't figure out why!

And some folks have noticed that American athletes’ uniforms don’t carry the Stars and Stripes look as much as they had in past years. The famous flag-style outfits worn in years past replaced with yellow shirts, gray tracksuits, pink leotards. So how do we show our patriotism at the games?

How, indeed...

USA's Jordan Burroughs celebrates after defeating Iran's Sadegh Goudarzi in their men's 74kg freestyle gold medal match. Burroughs, the poster boy of American wrestling, lived up to all the pre-London 2012 hype by adding Olympic gold to his world title in













4. Too French!

Everyone knows that only gay people and the French (but I repeat myself) wear berets. Real Men, and Americans (again, redundant) wear cowboy hats!

At least according to Fox and Friends' lead moron Steve Doocy, who asked, “Should the American team be wearing a beret? Why not a baseball cap? Why not a cowboy hat like when we went to Calgary?”

Media Matters flagged a similar "point" made later on Fox Radio:

On... Kilmeade & Friends, guest host Peter Johnson Jr. and Fox News anchors Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemmer also mocked the U.S. Olympic team for having a "French" uniform.

Johnson Jr. wondered: "Is this the American team or the French fashion team?"

Hemmer asked: "How about a baseball hat? How about a cowboy hat? How about no hat?"

MacCallum replied to Hemmer: "I had the same reaction. I was flipping through the paper this morning and I was like, 'What the heck is this? It looks like a French flight attendant.' Nobody looks good in a beret, OK? Show me people who look good in berets. You know, it's very rare. I think no hat would look better."

This is undeniably true.







5. Blah People Doing Their Blah People Gang Dances

On CNN, Serena Williams seemed so normal, telling Piers Morgan that she was so happy to win gold that she just spontaneously broke out into a little dance. No harm in showing one's joy in victory, right?

Not for the folks at Fox. They got Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock to go after Williams, which insulated the network from any semblance of racism as he's an African American.

What Serena did was akin to cracking a tasteless, X-rated joke inside a church. It wasn’t quite as bad but it was in the same ballpark of the idiot sportswriter who decided to channel Andrew Dice Clay on Twitter the night Jeremy Lin channeled Allen Iverson.

Serena deserved to be criticized and she should’ve immediately apologized. Wimbledon isn’t the place to break out a dance popularized by California Crip gang members. She knows it. That’s why she got embarrassed when asked by reporters to reveal the name of the dance.

6. Michelle Obama Wants to Give Everyone a Gold Medal Because of Collectivism

Another troubling thing to the readers of Fox Nation, infamous for its KKKommenters, is that Michelle Obama said something horrible to children.

Speaking at a “Lets Move” event... First Lady Michelle Obama excitedly revealed to the crowd of children that she would be traveling to London for the 2012 Summer Olympic games.

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