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8 Absurdities From Inside Sarah Palin's New TV Channel Echo Chamber

Sarah Palin, unfiltered. Just what the world needs now.

Photo Credit: via SarahPalinTV


You may have heard that Sarah Palin started her own member-supported Internet TV Channel recently. It's part of the TAPP Network, digital channels run by former TV execs, and really more of a website with videos and blogs and pretty low production values. But glory hallelujah! Free-wheeling Palin wanted to get around all that “politically correct stuff” in the mainstream media and just talk to real Americans about real issues, from her heart, or whatever passes for it. Subscribers can join her conversation for a mere $99.95 a year, though given her past record, there’s no guarantee she’ll stick with it for a whole year. Caveat emptor.

We recently took a look at what’s going on at SarahPalinTV, so you don’t have to. (You’re welcome.) Sadly, it seems that Palin has not taken any of the Twitter suggestions generously offered up for programming on her channel, suggestions like “Death Panels, She Wrote.” Sarah Palin TV runs with more of an "Impeach Obama Around the Clock" kind of theme, along with some of Palin's homespun homilies. Here are some of the more ridiculous morsels of content streamed on the site.

1. The Obama Administration Countdown Clock

On the front page of SarahPalinTV, viewers are greeted with a countdown clock for Obama’s presidency. Palin measures it in days, hours, minutes and seconds, so Obama-haters get the satisfaction of watching the number of seconds go down—in real time! This is extra ironic, since Palin is also obsessed with impeaching Obama. In fact, she has a video on the channel all about the "I Word" (but more on that later). But that countdown clock would suggest that even Palin doesn’t believe her own clap-trap about Obama’s impeachability.

2. Debt Clock

Next to “Days Left in the Obama Presidency” is another kind of clock: “Our National Debt.” Reminiscent of the late right-wing libertarian real estate developer Seymour Durst’s debt clock in Times Square, this also has some really big numbers on it. Those numbers are constantly moving. Mostly they go up according to some unknown algorithm that likely has no connection to reality and makes it seem really, really scary. Deficit hawks like Palin love that.

3. Word of the day

Why is there a word of the day on the Sarah Palin Channel? No idea. Perhaps it's due to her own documented history of difficulties with the English language. On the day we looked at the site, the word of the day was “Mellifluous.” Isn’t that a pretty word?

4. Video of Palin's rebuttal to Elizabeth Warren’s "11 Progressive Commandments 

Laughable that Palin thinks she can go toe-to-toe intellectually with Warren, but some low-lights in this video, which shows grainy footage of Warren's speech intercut with Palin's commentary, are lower than others. When Warren states, “We believe in science, and that we have a responsibility to protect the earth,” Palin responds: “We believe in science and God’s magnificent creation overflowing with resources.” Never mind that believing both is technically impossible. She goes on to say that God wants us to honor him and develop those resources, and exploit them. And use them to heat up the planet. She’s obviously tight with God.

Another bizarre moment is when Warren asserts the progressive tenet that fast-food workers deserve to make a living wage. Palin goes on a hilarious tangent about how she thought progressive lefties think that “fast food is of the devil” and “shouldn’t fast-food workers should go to purgatory and all go vegan or something.” Oh, hahaha. “And wages and picket lines don’t get discussed much in purgatory.” She's good. Wonder if she's ever tried standup.

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