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The 25 Most Vile Statements by Fox News' Newest Pundit

As Erick Erickson leaves CNN for Fox News, let's take a look at why the station will love its newest employee.

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[, 8/19/12]


Erickson Accused Obama Of "Choosing To "Pervert God's Word." In a post on his RedState blog, Erickson attacked Obama's invocation of scripture at the National Prayer Breakfast as a "perversion" of the word of God, saying "The President this week chose to pervert God's Word to make the case for a tax increase, but he also chose to ignore God's word on life and is ordering Christians, while he claims to be one, to violate their Christian conscience on abortion". [RedState, 2/5/12, via Media Matters]

Erickson "Theory": Obama "Manufactured" Libyan Crisis For Reelection. From

There is not in any way, shape, or form any rational explanation for the United States engaged in Libya to do nothing except for one I can think of -- Barack Obama's re-election.


Suddenly Obama can look Presidential again -- all through manufacturing the need for American involvement where there was no need. Barack Obama wants to be re-elected. The best playbook for his re-election is that of Bill Clinton. But Clinton had a government shutdown and Kosovo. In the absence of either, Barack Obama must manufacture them.

And he has. [, 3/22/11]

Erickson: Transportation Secretary "Has Come Out In Favor Of The Chicoms Over Americans." After Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood praised Chinese success in infrastructure, Erickson took his remarks out of context to claim LaHood "has come out in favor of the Chicoms over Americans." [RedState, 7/5/12, via Media Matters]

Erickson Called Obama A "Composite Kenyan." Erickson praised for its "vetting" post on Obama, using the post to call Obama a "Composite Kenyan." [RedState, 5/18/12, via Media Matters]


Erickson On Bombing In Oslo: "I Bet You It Was Not Lutherans Who Did It." From Erickson's twitter feed:


[Twitter, 7/22/11]

Erickson: "Violence" Is "Extremely Common And Can Fairly Well Be Considered Mainstream Within Much Of Islam" Internationally. Erickson wrote a post in the aftermath of the July 22, 2011, terrorist attacks in Norway explaining why his first instinct was to assume that the killer was a Muslim. Erickson claimed that it is "willfully naïve" for the "secular left" to ignore the "fairly common ties between terrorists and Islam" and went on to claim that while "violence and Islam may not be very common among American muslims," "internationally it is extremely common and can fairly well be considered mainstream within much of Islam." [RedState, 7/23/11]


Erickson Agreed "With Every Word" Of Anti-Gay Sermon. In a January 11 Twitter post, Erickson wrote that he "agreed with every word" of a sermon from pastor Louis Giglio from the 1990s. In that sermon, Giglio advocated for "ex-gay" therapy, called on Christians to "lovingly but firmly respond to the aggressive agenda" of gay activists, and compared homosexuality to an unwanted addiction. Giglio was slated to deliver the benediction and inaugural prayer at Obama's inauguration, but withdrew after his views opposing same-sex marriage drew criticism. From Erickson's Twitter feed: sermon

[Twitter, 1/11/13; Think Progress, 1/9/13]

Erickson: Idea That Gay People Shouldn't Be Called "Gay" Because They "Have Nothing To Be Happy About" Is "Pretty Good." On his radio show, Erickson spoke to a caller who claimed that he took exception with the word "gays" because "They have nothing to be happy about, in the sense that marriage is between a man and a woman." Erickson replied: "I'm still stuck on you not calling them gays because they have nothing to be happy about. That's actually pretty good." [WSB Radio, 1/31/11]