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Bain Capital Workers Face Down Mitt Romney Over the Outsourcing of Their Jobs

After repeatedly touting his business experience as an asset towards reviving the U.S. economy, Romney has been put on the defensive by Bain workers who are fighting back against the outsourcing of their jobs.

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AMY GOODMAN: Yesterday, when I was talking to you in Romneyville, you said, as they called the workers communists, you asked why they’re sending your jobs to communist China.

TOM GAULRAPP: Yeah, yeah. You know, and one of the things that really bothered some of us was that about a month before—it was less than that—couple weeks before they brought the Chinese workers in, they physically removed the American flag that hung outside the plant. And the week after the Chinese workers left, they put it back up, like they were afraid they were offending somebody, you know. And it’s—and it’s like, I’m sorry, but this offends us. This offends 170 people who are having their jobs moved to China, only to increase the bottom line, because, you know, these products have always been profitable, and it’s just not enough.

AMY GOODMAN: But, Cheryl, Mitt Romney doesn’t work for Bain anymore. So why is this his responsibility?

CHERYL RANDECKER: Mitt Romney created the model of outsourcing jobs. He created Bain, so therefore it is his responsibility. And he is still reaping very high benefits from Bain, in the financial end of it. So he can pick up the phone and call his buddies and say, "We need to stop this practice and keep the U.S. jobs here." And it’s good-paying jobs, not the lower-paying jobs.

AMY GOODMAN: Have either of you spoken with other workers laid off by Bain-owned companies?

TOM GAULRAPP: Yes, we’ve had contact with some of them, when we were down here.



AMY GOODMAN: And what are your plans here at the Republican National Convention?

TOM GAULRAPP: Well, actually—

AMY GOODMAN: You were in that march in the afternoon—


AMY GOODMAN: —the unpermitted march. Interestingly, it was led by Cheri Honkala, who is a well-known anti-poverty activist, who happens to be now the Green Party vice-presidential candidate. Joe Biden didn’t show up here, though he was going to—


AMY GOODMAN: —the vice president and vice-presidential candidate. But Cheri did.

TOM GAULRAPP: Yeah. We’re actually going back today, so we’re not going to be here for any more. I think we’re doing an event today, but then, after that, we’re actually going back home. We feel like one of the things that’s come out of this, besides getting our message out, is we’ve had an opportunity to meet a lot of people who are dealing with this issue, as well, you know, with—whether it be outsourcing or whether it be people that work for Bain that are making very low wages, you know. And it’s all part of this corporate view that anybody can do anything, and you don’t need to reimburse them for it.

AMY GOODMAN: What do you say to Mitt Romney, who doesn’t tout his time as governor of Massachusetts, but his time as a business executive, to bring us out of an economic recession—some say depression—now?

TOM GAULRAPP: Well, what I would say to him is I think he should be ashamed of what they’re doing, because they’re destroying our American dream to increase their profits.

AMY GOODMAN: Well, Cheryl?

CHERYL RANDECKER: I would have to say, look at—take a look at what you’re doing. Get in touch with the American people. You created this model. You’re taking good jobs away, and you’re saying you can replace them with the lower-paying jobs. And how are people supposed to get by?

AMY GOODMAN: I want to thank you so much for being with us, Cheryl Randecker and Tom Gaulrapp.

TOM GAULRAPP: Thank you. Thank you very much.


AMY GOODMAN: Bain workers now, but not in a few months.

TOM GAULRAPP: Yep, not for long.

Amy Goodman is the host of Democracy Now!, a daily international TV/radio news hour airing on more than 1,000 stations in North America. She is the co-author of “The Silenced Majority,” a New York Times best-seller.

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