Jon Stewart Slams ‘F@#ktard’ Congress For Fixing Sequester Airport Delays ... and Nothing Else

Jon Stewart's hilarious take down of Congress.

Last night Jon Stewart tore into America's esteemed Congress. 

"If you look  up Congress in the dictionary," said Stewart. "You find "Do-Nothing F@#ktards who couldn't solve a problem if it was eating them alive anus first."

As the sequester takes its toll around the country -- cuts to Meals on Wheels and extended unemployment benefits, to name just a few programs that have been impacted -- Congress came together this weekend in an uncharacteristic display of collaberative problem-solving. Democrats and Republicans agreed to give the FAA more flexibility in dealing with the sequester, allowing them to bring back air controller staffing to full capacity in order to prevent flight delays. 

"Why, perchance, that part of the sequester?" Steward wondered. Could it have to do with the fact that they were basically on their way to the airport to enjoy an upcoming Congressional recess? 

Watch Steward eviscerate our selfish lawmakers below: