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Grammy Performance of Macklemore's "Same Love" Features 33 Gay Weddings

Queen Latifah officiated the 34 weddings as Madonna made a special guest appearance.

Couples getting married at the 2014 Grammy's.
Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


The rapper Macklemore spiced up the Grammy’s last night with a wedding ceremony that accompanied his pro-gay marriage song “Same Love.”  

At the end of Macklemore singing the song “Same Love”--along with musician Ryan Lewis and singer Mary Lambert--Queen Latifah, who introduced the artists, re-emerged to act as the officiant of 34 weddings.  Latifah was deputized in Los Angeles as someone who can legally conduct weddings.

34 couples got married at the Grammy’s towards the end of the song, as Madonna came out and sang as well.   33 couples were gay. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won Grammy’s in the categories of Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Song and Best Rap Album.

Watch the video of Macklemore’s performance here:

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