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Wendy Davis Showed Texas' GOP Boys How to Respect Women

'Unruly gals' like Davis are responsible for nearly everything good in Texas, including stopping the latest abortion ban.

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"With all the ruckus and noise going on," Mr Dewhurst said, he could not complete administrative duties to make the vote official and sign the bill.

It's true that the bill is not  dead. Republicans will try to push it through again. But let's pan the camera back to events last night.

As the proceedings became more and more tumultuous, state troopers threaded through the crowd, making some arrests and trying to clear the gallery. Protesters were told they were being "unruly". Texas has a long tradition of female agitators: Governor Ann Richards. Representative Barbara Jordan. Columnist Molly Ivins. Every single woman yelling inside the capitol last night. Thank God for unruly women. Unruly women are responsible for pretty much everything good that's happened in Texas.

Ana Marie Cox is political columnist for the Guardian US. 

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