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Top 10 Sexist-Media Moments of 2012

Rush Limbaugh Called Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown Law Student, a "Slut" and a "Prostitute": Enough said.

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5. Rush Limbaugh Called Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown Law Student, a "Slut" and a "Prostitute": Enough said.

6. Trayvon Martin: Yet another story of how black masculinity continues to scare the public enough that the media decides to lightly cover it. Sure, you know the case and you know that race was involved. But, again, did the media take this opportunity to explore the problems Americans have with black masculinity? Nope. (Anyone wondering what George Zimmerman is up to these days?)

7. The Gender Neutral Easy Bake Oven: Recently the media gleefully covered a teenager's petition that urged Hasbro to produce a "non-gender-specific" colored Easy Bake Oven. Hasbro has happily capitalized on this and plans to issue black and silver versions. We don't blame the teenager here. But honestly, the media is still stuck in the "pink is for girls" and "blue is for boys" era? Pssst...they are colors.

8. Jennifer Livingston, "Too Fat" to be a Television Anchor: Sometimes the public is just as biased as the media. Case in point, the local television anchor was sent a letter by a viewer suggesting she was overweight and thus not a suitable role model. Livingston responded brilliantly and honestly on-air but while the media reported on it, why did they not take the opportunity to make public statements about overt gender bias in their field?

9. The "Beautiful" Hero, Victoria Soto: Victoria Soto, first grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary, died while protecting her students. By all accounts, we have learned that Soto was heroic and selfless--she confronted the gunman in order to save her students--but the mainstream media somehow needed to capitalize on how beautiful and feminine she was as if it is more tragic than usual because of her beauty.

10. Elementary Schools Like Sandy Hook Are "Too Feminized": The National Review Online published an article after the Sandy Hook mass killing that "observed" that elementary schools are feminized settings, thus, an easy target. They go as far as insinuating that men, particularly those who played high school football, should be hired, as a precautionary measure to battle gunmen and other unforeseen acts of terrorism. Let's be clear: the women who worked at Sandy Hook acted bravely. They took care of their students, just like they did every day. By the way, the principal, school psychologist, and other women faculty and staff members, did confront the gunman, but bullets don't discriminate.

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