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Sorry Guys, Just Because One Study Claims That Semen Cures Women's Depression Doesn't Mean It's True

The headlines were provocative: Semen cures depression! But the study is 10 years old, and far from conclusive.

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Amusingly, Gallup says he receives “semen testimonials” from women who come across word of his research online and feel compelled to write him with their own tales of seminal joy.

Even if researchers could reliably prove that semen has an antidepressant effect, he says it’s likely “relatively modest” and certainly “not the way to cure depression.” Although he notes that it’s possible Big Pharma could “develop some sort of simulated semen suppository.” (You’re welcome for introducing that phrase — and image — into your brain.)

But the correlational nature of the study — not to mention  its age— is rarely communicated each time this 10-year-old study is dug up and dusted off.


Tracy Clark-Flory is a staff writer at Salon. Follow@tracyclarkflory on Twitter.

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